Sunday, 23 November 2014


Rightttt, It's been a minute since I wrote a poem so decided to drop one today. I decided to write this because I'm writing a book called Journey To Self Acceptance and thought it would be cool to start the book with something I enjoy...a poem!

 So yeah enjoyyy  

Is it bad to be insane? To be cray?
Not have control of your own mind
It has so much power it’s almost overpowering
Random tears spill not because its suppose to but because it does
Sometimes you want to forget everything
Feel nothing

The smallest thing triggers it off. Muscles tighten
Release, contract
Head hung low
Arms shielding everything away
Nothing causes the sun to shine
Stand in the sun they say
I quite like the shade, thank you

Roll in
Roll out
Put a gun to my goddam head
Debris explodes
Exiting stage left
Floating to the ground
Browns eyes filled with lust


Juice isn’t created
Holes is the only thing you see  
Holes, holes and more holes
Black mess
Everything gets sucked away

Sucked away. Music sucks it all away 

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