Tuesday, 9 December 2014

#StarboyMondays Won't Work

The other day, Wizkid released his new tune Sound It as part of #StarboyMondays and as the title suggests I don't feel this move will prove effective and I'm here to discuss why.

To begin with why not take a listen to this new track ay?

Me personally, I'm not feeling it. It lacks substance. No doubt Sarz done well beat wise and to be fair if the song blows it's for that sole reason. However as for Wiz himself, for me there's a lack of lyrics and I just don't see the point in it. For me it's a song I would play in my car (when I own one) rather than something that I would get excited about when played in the club. Then again given the atmosphere and loud speakers I may be persuaded. 

The song is not my real issue to be fair. My real issue lies with this whole #StarboyMondays thing. Basically Wizkid is saying that every Monday he'll release a new track. The point of this? I'm really not sure. 

My first question is, how practical is this? Okay, so in a literal sense it's pretty easy. The tracks would be prerecorded so he literally just has to drop them for the fans. BUT (and this is a big but) do you really need to release a track every week in order to stay relevant? Lezzbehonest  Wizkid already has the recognition so he doesn't need to build on that. He has enough fans so any more is a bonus and he's known internationally so again I ask WHAT IS THE POINT? 

One thing we could point to is the whole WizkidVsDavido rivalry. Here's my stance on the whole thing. In terms of personal beef and firing shoots at one another, they should both grow up and either be friends or just go about your business no need to address it in interviews no more. Musically, I have to say at the start of the year, Wizkid had it, with songs like Ginger and On Top Your Matter I was like Yeahhh man likeee, but then Aye came around and I was like so Davido is back!! By this point I was still #TeamWizzy, but when the album dropped I have to say I was deeply disappointed. but like I said in my review , timing could have been a factor and for me  he hasn't found his form since. 

Davido on the other hand is doing great in my eyes. Having recently released the video for Owo Ni Koko, which by the way is an absolute bangerrrrr! Not saying he doesn't have his fault because if I'm complaining Wizkid lacks lyrics Davdio ain't that much better, but what he does seems to have that extra umph that Wizkid seems to be lacking. Another thing that Davido ain't doing is deciding to release new tracks every week! What does he do? Jump on features. This doesn't always work agreed, but in the case of Naughty and Taka Rawa, it definitely has. (In my eyes anyway). Funny how Starboy Mondays comes a few days after Owo Ni Koko video drops 

Sips Tea....... 

Take a break and watch the Owo ni Koko video (if you've made it this far)

Watched? Well rested after that? Okay lets plow on....

Right, before deciding to do this I feel Wizkid forgot to do something called SMART objectives. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic and Time Related. God bless my Business degree, but as annoying as it is that lecturers constantly talk about this, it is a key way to look at things. Now there is a possibility I could be wrong and he has done this and has everything mapped out, but it sure as hell doesn't feel like. There's nothing specific about it besides tracks coming out every week) The why is missing; I wouldn't have the slightest clue what he's has to measure unless it's the money in his pocket; achievable depends what he is trying to achieve  realistic? Read above plus the fact that not every song will not of the same caliber so I'd be wary here; and time related boyyy I dunno for that one. 

All in all I would have preferred if he decided to release one song (or something!) and a fact  about it is given to us  every week to give us a clue and build anticipation that way and keep his name in our mouths that way. Think he might need to rethink this one!

But hey. it's only the first week let's see how it goes. I hope he proves me wrong! 

Can I just say.....Does Beyonce or Jay Z release tracks every week? Like come on! 

Sorry felt like having one last dig loool 

Peace x 

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