Wednesday, 17 June 2015

When Going International Works

Hey guys! It's been a while! first year of uni is finally done so I'm back on the writing game (lol) So if you ain't heard both Ace Hood and Meek Mill have collaborated with African artists to create  some quite interesting tunes.

Meek teamed with Davido to create Fans Mi and to be fair it's definitely a club song if that's what they were after. I think it was the video that threw me off the song a little....
I can't lie when I heard the snippet and a preview of the video I was excited, but the video for me was a little too much. The song itself was fine, but Davido seemed a bit too excited to me and I found myself going bro calm all the way down, but given that he's standing next to meek I guess I can allow him to have it. The pounded yam at the end was class, but the guns was a little unnecessary. I get that you want to be hype, but at the same time you went to e ma dami duro to pointing guns? Really? Each to their own I guess.... 

As for Ace Hood teaming up with Sarkodie for New Guy this has to be my favourite of the two. This is possibly because I'm more into rap so I really liked the rawness of it. As for the video, the simplicity of it was definitively a plus for me, but I guess it's important to note that both songs are discussing different things and both Sarkodie and Davdio are not of the same genre of music so I can't judge them without being biased. 


Props to both men for their international collaborations. One thing I have to applaud them both on is that both international artists seemed to have some idea of what the song was about so could do their verses to suit the track correctly.    

What song do you prefer? 

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