Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Flows from Abroad....

Hey guyss! So Nigeria seems to flowing with international acts right now and I'm here to hit you with two new fresh ones!

Don Jazzy ft Reekardo Banks, Jay Electronica & Di'ja - Get down

Okay so I remember when there was an instagram post of Jay Electronica in the studio with Don Jazzy and at first I was like okay this could be interesting as well as who's Jay Electronica? Nothing google couldn't fix (he's signed to Roc Nation)... Well fast forward to today and a couple hours ago this wonderful thing was dropped.

Personally I can't get over the base! Forget the lyrics for a second, Jazzy's vocals used as the predominant  layer for the base then you have the percussion around it. For me I'm more or less sold on the instrumental structure of this song rather than the actual  lyrics of the song although Reekardo's verse and the beginning of Di'ja's gassed me after a few plays (kind of wish I did GCSE music now, but hey). Credit to Jay Electronica for the verse - anyone notice how he said Fela, Feela lol, but all round really good song, but I really want to know how Don Jazzy did the instrumental for this, but I guess I will have to stick to using my ears to dissect the track for now.

Ayo Jay ft Fetty Wap - Your Number ( Remix)

Guysssss! I never thought I'd see the day Feety Wap crossed the bridge to work in afrobeats let alone do it with one of my favourite artists Ayo Jay! okay fan girl moment over...

When I found out they were doing a song together I was like*wretch 32 voice*  ahhh yeaaaa! I had such high hopes for the track considering how good the original track was. However when I first heard it last week, I won't lie I had a mixed reaction. I didn't necessary hate it, but I didn't really like it either I just wanted something extra, if that make sense? The adlibs ( I think that's what it's called) on the second half of Fetty's verse really irritated me like really irritated me, but I was determined to give the song a try and see if after a few listens my views changed. To a degree my views did change, I now like the song, but tend to only listen to the song up to Fettty's verse then just skip to the next song. I only really listen to the whole song when I want to say the line your body like orange and I am peeling it. 

Still probably my favouite international feature :)

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