Wednesday, 14 October 2015

input - output

There's a simple transaction between you and I
I give you something
You say thank you
After that there's two options
Go our separate ways or ask
Hey have you had a good day?
As a society we're inclined to do the second
Probably in our anti social nature
But how many of us are prepared to go the extra mile?
You have the balenciaga, the versace trainers or that old addidas tracksuit at the ready
Lined up for the get set but when the gun goes off for the go you look left and right
Vanessa carlton sang it in an iconic way
So let's analyse  a phrase a minute
The bit before the drum roll
We all know it
And I need you
And I miss you
Forget the miss you a second
As humans we need appreciation, attention and some sort of stimulation
So why do we find it so hard to tell a friend we love them?
Find it terribly difficult to say
I miss you
Take it from me
A little goes a long way
It can stop one from doing what they planned today
Or what they planned yesterday and is chilling in their back pocket for today
So next time don't part ways
Scrolling through your phone
Stop and ask
Hey you had a good day?

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