Wednesday, 28 May 2014

All Bums and No Purpose

So basically I was watching the behind the scenes of Wizkid's Show Me The Money:

It got me thinking. Are our directors running out of ideas? Just from the little shots we're shown, basically all we see is dancing which from the beat of the song is probably expected, but must every video just be women shaking their bums everywhere, fast cars (parked stationary might I add) and a large group just standing around? Like to me it feels like our videos have been downgraded to just nothing but show. This is not only for African videos, but videos worldwide! Like do you not want something meaningful in your videos? Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't videos meant to be used as an addition to boost the sales of a song from when you released the audio? Surely the perfect way to do this is to make your videos memorable that way people actually return and watch the video as well as increasing sales at the same time. Maybe our society has become so hyper-sexualised that it's more of a thing where if your videos don't have bums,  fast cars or some sort of nudity that your seen as weird? 

One thing I think doesn't really help the African music industry is that we point blank, chat the most crap in our videos! This goes for about 80% of our videos. We. Chat. Bull. If it's not Bimpe get big nyash it's  Tunde just bought a Ferrari or both at once.  Like I'm not attacking African music, I still listen to afrobeats as much as the next person, but like why the stupid lyrics. Prime example Dorobucci by Mavins:

Let's analyze the lyrics shall we?

ehn doro bucci
don doro bucci
doro jazzy ehn doro boss doro big you know say doro heavy doro skillful you know say doro bloody doro get the biggest label wey you know of course  doro tush pass anybody wey doro meet doro gather pass anybody for the gathering doro get money pass everybody there 

Excuse me sa, but what the hell is a dorobucci please abeg explain am to me???? Like the song has no purpose yet we are calling the song a hit and I won't lie I had the song on repeat for a few days, but honestly what are we feeding our children please? 

That song is even okay,  Burna Boy's Tonight is just beyond nonsense lyrically I mean "7,8,9,10 Burna here for the gyaldem" so now all we have to do is count and instantly the song is a success? Okay ooo I've heard. Let's face it, when it comes down to afrobeats as long as you have a good beat that we can shake our bums to it, what comes out your mouth both non existent and irrelevant. That's why we don't seem to be able to criticise our artists when they make a crap song. Someone will make a totally crap song and you'll scroll through the comments and still see one that is like this tune is frosh or mehnnn I've had this tune on repeat all day. So because the song was by Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Sakordie etc it's now a jam? Are these people not human? Don't they need honest feedback in order to progress?  

Next time you hear a song, omo consider these three things:

1. Why are you lying to yourself? (child of God doesn't tell lieee) if it's nonsense or good be true to yourself 
2. Are you hearing what I'm hearing?
3. Your friends tomorrow will be like 'guy come you heard that song... it's shit" and your response will be "Yehh", but I swear...nvm - Don't be a sheep have a mind of your own!

Despite all this ranting and raving I'll give credit where it's due. Some songs are not all bums and nudity and some songs do serve purpose

My Two videos would be:

Chidinma ft Flavour - Baby oh 

The creativity - It's very rare you see this side of Nigeria the actually average Nigeria where there are people selling and other chilling and eating while still enjoying. Not to mention Flavour looks like a giant and Chidinma just looks adorable 

Olamide - Anifowose 
The video as well as the meaning behind the video - One mans journey to success expressed so beautifully it's unreal. Like if this song didn't touch you, although there is heavy Yoruba the cinematography gives you the general gist of what the song is about. Hats off to Baddo! 

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