Sunday, 25 May 2014


I've never been to a party. That didn't come out right...I have been to a party just never one filled with friends, music, drinks and a drunken mistake or two that somehow make great memories. I don't really have anyone to blame except myself really. I have this thing called social anxiety. I automatically think people don't wanna be around me therefore shutting me out from the rest. It could be phase although if it is, it's damn well goin on for a long time and there doesn't seemed to be no end. I wouldn't exactly say I'm spiraling, but I'm deffo going through somethin. I weird like being alone...even when i have perfectly good people who want to be around I somehow only enjoy myself. First signs of madness?Probably..not exactly lookin for treatment though. I have my outlets, imagination being one dreams the other. My dream? There's many wanna hear a few? Walk down the aisle. Sound small? Let me rephrase "Walk down the aisle"  if you know you know. Master the Flavour hip roll. Need i say more! Become the first black disabled business woman that owns a conglomerate. Just watch this space it will happen. Dance the night away. And marry someone who can do the Flavour hip roll or just wind  his wind his hips beautifully

Why am i telling you this? I may suffer from social awkwardness, but really i just gotta embrace it. In time you'll find your skin like I"m doing so just don't do a Miley Cyrus mmmk? No condition is permanent. There will be a growing light that's just waiting for you! Sometimes you just gotta make your own light in times of darkness

Happy Sunday :)

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