Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Female Music Producer or Nah?

Anyone that knows me, knows I always wanna be the first disabled something.......

Call me crazy, but I might wanna become a music producer! Hear me out! The last few weeks have been a bit insane with exams and revision. This has basically made me behave out of character quite a lot and as a result I've started to lean towards music for comfort...

If you follow my blog closely you'll probably notice that music is a big thing on here and even when I write poems I usually attach a song to try and put you in the same mind frame I was in at the time and evoke similar feelings. Most of my poems are written in response to how a particular song makes me feel in connection to a particular topic weighing on my mind so I guess you could say music is a big part of my life.

I still feel slightly cray that I want to do this, but with there not being that many female producers out there, can you blame me, but that's a discussion for a different day...

If I was to take this in fully and give it a shot, I don't think I would work in the afrobeats sector for the simple fact that the music all seems to sound the same and nothing seems to branch out and sound different. Don't get me wrong, there's probably artists and producers who do have very different sounds and want to put a twist on afrobeats, but because it doesn't fit into the social norm right now it doesn't get the exposure it deserves and in the same way if your not attached to a big label or know someone who could push your sound out your kinda stuck recording tracks making extremely slow progress, but like they say God's time is the best!

However you could still say that you gotta start from somewhere and if someone doesn't try and change the scene no one will! But for me I would love to work producing music for Rock/ Alternative bands so bands like Papa Roach, Hollywood Undead, Nickleback, The Script and Disturbed, but HU especially like it would be non stop Hip Hop/Rock all day and that I can deal with!  Or imagining producing a song for Train! squeals! 

For me they connect with me on a deeper level and somehow soothe me through my weird fazes, while afrobeats just seems to be about shake your booty! OMG imagine producing for Buble faints! 

Yes, I have a obsession with a grown man, but like come on!! Justin Timberlake too! I absolutely love that man and i'm really upset I can't see him in concert :( Silly exams!  

If I had it my way I would work with these guys:

  •  Dr Dre 
  • Eminem 
  • Pharrell 
  • Timbland 
  • Babyface 
  • Danger Mouse 
  • Pheelz 
  • TSpize 
  • Philkeyz 
  • LeriQ
  • Bahbow
  • Maleek Berry 
So what you'd say? Go for it or nah?

Happy birthday Pheelz!

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