Thursday, 26 June 2014

Lessons Learned

I said I wouldn't do this 
Give you the satisfication
But I'm here anyway so let's do it. 
It came and went, as good as it was it's done 
Lessons have been learned 

Do I hate you? 
Hell no that takes effort 
Dislike you? Most definately 
But that shouldn't surprise you 
Words have been said. None I would take back 
See that stick up your ass? Go take it out 

Excuse me, I'm venting 

Some might say shots fired 
Nah that's long for man I'm just saying what I feel 
Like said in a previous post 
I write for me not you 

Lessons have been learned 
New people met too 
I'm a big girl but still got ish to sort out 
Some unspoken words and feelings 
But for now we'll leave that aside 

Lemme tell you bout the guy I met last night 
He had these beautiful brown eyes 
Except they were filled with quite a few lies 
But hey

Excuse me, I'm venting 

Queen is what I am 
Any less ain't worth it 
Don't get it twisted it was worth it 
The banter, love and fun but 
I'm a grown woman
I had to realise my faults 
Anger, trust issues and all
but all in due time 
I will prosper
Just like that 

Before it all happened I was happy 
After I became a bit lost 
Slowly finding my way though 

It's all the same 

Think I' m gonna let the past catch up with me
Nah it's there for a reason 
Movin too fast ain't got time to look back 
We all got skeletons in our closets 
I respect that 
But it's time to fight back 

Got these demons doin jumpin jacks 

Excuse me, I'm venting 

You're funny unoe..
Me failed? 
Hunny you got it twisted 
Count to three 
Go on 
One, two, three  
Oops you just missed it
Success already caught me
So I guess it's time you kicked it 

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