Wednesday, 25 February 2015

White Sheets

My satin white sheet 
Everything's  dripping wet
It's raining in there

you dive in to investigate

there's so many levels
So much room to explore
places to reach for
senses so soft to the touch
the slightest feel causes a spasm

she vibrates around you
draws you
bleeding you dry

My satin white sheets 
it feels so real
I dare to say its unreal
because when you reach the highest level of ecstasy
pulling at the sheets
she cries

Oh! my satin white sheets 
the greatest comfort you bring me
for you feel what I feel
yet have zero sense to feel
I pour myself to you

we come together as one
stretching me so wide it's unimaginable
that's why I love it

we go round after round
there's no need for explanation
not that I can explain to you anyway

We turn over
tussle for dominance
pinning me down
you run your hands over
pinching here
pulling there

my eyes are open
wide open
he found it

Wait just wait a second
let me collect myself

it turns into a massive blur
from love to hate
you push me so far
even though were so close
it's never been a thing that was wanted
it was a need

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