Friday, 27 March 2015

First Performance Ever!

Hey guys! Sooo on Wednesday (25th March) I performed one of my poems live for the first time! Can you believe it? It was for an event called Voice of Praise that was happening at uni. The interesting thing is that I wasn't originally meant to perform at the event, in fact I didn't even know it was happening. My friend called me a week or so prior to the event and asked if I would do some poetry for the event. Me thinking it was a thing where they wanted to see my poem and I wouldn't have to do anything was like yeahh no problem. Then she went on to say that I would have to perform it and I won't lie, I immediately started to feel sick. So many thoughts ran through my head the major one being I'm gonna have to in front of people type of performance. I instantly started calling everyone panicking!

I eventually calmed down and went on to decide what poem I wanted to perform. I settled on I'm Just Sayin. A number of reasons made me choose it to be fair. It's a very emotional poem that was written at 3am when I was feeling very down and frustrated with life. Also the poem was short and quite straightforward to remember which was a bonus! Below are clips from my performance (I know their short!) hopefully I should have a full video soon!

Oh yeah before I forget! one of my goals this year was to perform my poetry! So big tick!! On to bigger and better performances!

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