Thursday, 9 April 2015

Speaking to you

Hi guys! In the spirit of poetry month I decided release part 2 of White Sheets for you all! I recommend you read it a few times as well as reading White Sheets again to get a better idea of where I was going with the poem. 

I was never taught to feel
I kid you not it's not like I forgot  but nothing felt real. But funny enough after this is recited to you it will be forgot and the great thing is I enjoy speaking to you because it creates a vanishing feeling and all is gone a hole is pierced through my heart and all comes seeping through but yet nothing feels real yet I dare you to say it's not real you're looking at me like I'm crazy because none of this makes sense to you 
But isn't that the trick of life? What makes sense to me may not make sense to you but we still come to the common conclusion that the sky is blue or do we? 

Drake has said many things from yolo to worst behaviour but the one thing that catches me is the you ain't really fuck with me way back then, how bout now? Excuse the profanity but it's time to decipher. the meaning of the phrase is clear yet  you don't seem to understand you seem to be able to sit there and make a passing judgement so like every poem I've written washed away and forgotten know you can be chopped away and forgotten just as fast.

The power of the tongue is strong and as every positive word is split out of my mouth know I claim every inch of it and the same way you don't seem to understand why my heart is smiling at you know I've been done dirty real dirty but I still enjoy speaking to you because you have no eyes no ears so physically can't make any judgment your sole judgement is me I am my own biggest critic so once I've got past that hurdle not much can really stop me 

Except that fact I seem to hate my own poetry because I'm always trying to sound salty or descriptive and use metaphor that aren't really me. My hardship and brazen behaviour is what holds me and it would be a lie to say I haven't captured your attention because after every poem my mind is screaming let this be a lesson 

So I enjoy speaking to you not because I love talking believe me I do but because I finally understand Drake's statement but I'm gonna twist a little bit. You didn't really think of this before I spoke to you so I appreciate how minds are reeling in confusion but how do you feel now I've spoken are you gonna run with with me and leave a legacy in your wake or be the few that don't soak my words and get consumed by the world and everything it gives but more or less feels like a take 

Because you wouldn't believe if I said I'm talking about a piece of paper. It has no eyes no ears no room for judgment  but  it gives me everything sometimes more than I can take

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