Sunday, 20 July 2014

Falz The BAHD Guy

So exams are done, school is over and I'm free! What better way to kick start my summer than to talk 'bout this guy! 

I won't lie a friend told me about this guy a while ago and I didn't really take notice (how I wish I did) I was like who's this Falz guy then just let it go. Then last week I decided to download his debut album Wazzup Guy and let's just say I've been playing it non stop! No joke this guy is the business!

Let me start by saying this: we all have that one friend that likes to force African accents and it's a bit like why you forcing it man sometimes just keep quiet... Falz does this but for some reason it doesn't sound so forced, but it's not a natural African accent either it's just funny and when you hear it it's like Yeah, that's Falz on the beat. Individuality is hard to find in anything you do, but for me he has found the balance between rapping about the material things in life, success and just having a good time on the mic!

There are very few albums I feel I have a personal connection with. Confession, sometimes I like an album because I like the artist, but when it comes to sitting down and listening to their album I'll just be sitting there thinking the only reason I'm  still listening to this is because I like the artist, if I didn't like you I would have stopped listening time ago! Get what mean? With this album I didn't have this problem and this is probably because the intro was hilarious so I was sold from the beginning!

This album was both real with songs like How Far which discusses the fact that Nigeria is 53 and is "rich from oil" yet people are forced to turn to robbery to survive as well as the fact that there are not enough schools around. All in all I have to say the song really touched my heart and maybe Goodluck Johnathan should take a listen (not that he'll care). Then there's Marry Me which made me giggle but is another true reflection on our life.

To all my older single women, how many of you say my next boyfriend will be my husband? Then you'll meet someone and be dating for a while (a long while might I add)  and drop the but where is this going? Don't lie! You do it abi? Then you'll be on Instagram and see pictures from Bukky's wedding and be like Chai! Common Bukky got married and I'm still chilling here, waiting for someone to put ring on my finger. You girls really need to listen to Marry me, it might open your eyes a little. 

Guys I pity you a little you know, but you guys too what's taking you so long? It's not like you just met her you've probably spoken about marriage with her so maybe put a ring on it instead of selling dreams? Mind you, that ring has to serious like no small small thing so if you gotta pause a little before you get down on one knee maybe that's the right thing to do! I don't know! Don't say I read this blog and came to the conclusion I had to pause before I propose because my ring ain't big enough! I'm not involved! 

Anyway, props to Falz for this album! Tellin us Wazzup! 

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