Monday, 22 September 2014

Album Review: WIzkid - Ayo (Joy)

Hey, so it's a new month which means another album review and today I decided I would review WIzkid's much awaited sophomore album Ayo (Joy).

Before I begin the review I need to get a few things off my chest...

I can't help, but feel the timing of the release of this album was a bit unfortunate. When I first heard that the album was going to be released I was like finally, but not the excited sort of finally more like " it's about time" type of finally. To be fair we have been waiting for the album for a while so I'm sure Wizzy is just as relieved that it's finally out. Another thing, for me I wish he could have done more to get us a bit excited for this, just releasing the album tracklist and the usual stuff wasn't enough for me. We have been waiting a year for this fans begging and pleading for this, I kind of wish he did a BeyoncĂ© and kept the album quiet then at lunchtime or something just dropped it just like that! We wouldn't have expected it and people would have gone insane over social networks about it let alone blogs fighting to get their hands on the press release before anyone else. 

Anyway enough of the ranting...

With the top 10 hottest artists list being released and Davidio sat pretty at the top while Wizzy sat at a not so pretty #5, he needed to pull something out of the bag in order to climb back and claim back his crown. 

I have to say Wizzy has definitely taken on a different sort of sound on this album, but it's not the drastic sort of change where you'll be like WTF, but more...the only way I can describe it is that given that this is the last album to album he’ll be release under EME it will be interesting to see if this is the sort of music he continues with in the future. The album still has hits like Jaiye Jaiye and On Top Your Matter, but it's the new stuff that really get to me. 

I remember looking at the tracklist when it first came out, and   the first and probably the only track that caught my eye was In Love ft Seyi Shay. This track is one of my favourites. It's up tempo and old school swing vibe is definitely up my street. In terms of floor fillers Dutty Whyne ft Banky W is the one. Guys grab a girl with a decent sized nyash and get her to whine with you to this track trust me you'll be thanking me by the end (unless her whining game is poor to which, I'm not involved). 

As afrobeats continues to grow we continue to attract the attention of international artist. Show Me The Money Remix  features Tyga. His verse was a bit useless and unnecessary in my eyes and the original is better, but on a more positive note Murder ft Wale is due massive airplay and should be hitting the clubs soon! Should definitely be played in your car on max! 

The album closes with the massive hit Caro ft LAX. Overall a good album and should receive a positive response from fans. Steady process, but definitely looking forward to watching Wizzy on this new journey of self-discovery 

Peace x 

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