Thursday, 28 August 2014

Inspired #YouthSummit14

So earlier this month I went to The Youth Media Agency's Youth Summit at the BFI. Having never been to one of these I was excited, but I also wasn't sure what to expect so with an open mind, jacked up phone and big up wheelchair I began my trek to the BFI. 

The whole point of the summit was to give an insight of how to get into the media industry so there was speeches from SBTV, Reprezent Radio, Fully Focused, Vice (whom I've now become obsessed with) among other organisations. It was also good to see what organisations like the BBC and Channel 4 are doing in order to help youth get into the industry. Overall it was a good day and I have to say by the end I was full of knowledge, a new career path in mind and knackard (being up from 7am just ain't the one for me). 

Towards the end of the summit, one particular thought was running through my head. What if we had something like this running in Africa? I won't lie the idea was kicking through me for most of the afternoon, but there was so many people around and to be honest I was just too shy and thought they would say something like Aww, that's such a cute idea and in their heads it's just like This girl is mad, no just no when I'm sitting there dead serious like Nah, on a level..I wanna do this, it could be a mad success as well as helping many. Let's do this!

Now in the comfort of my home behind my computer screen safe from rejection I propose the following idea to anyone willing to help! 

Youth Summit Africa 

So as we know, Africa is a huge continent, but with a country that still can't bring back it's girls, Ebola and civil wars, it's safe to say Africa hasn't got the best representation. What better way to counter this representation  than through the youth? And something like the Youth Summit could help this along.

Let's face it the government in Africa don't really care much about the youth so long as money enters their pockets, they can send their kids to school in the UK or America, drive the biggest cars and build the biggest houses not much matters. The divide is so huge that we are effectively oppressing ourselves to the point that if we don't have the best things you are irrelevant. 

To be fair the Afrobeats scene has exploded so much that people are starting to embrace where they come from a lot more. However this isn't enough for me. Not everyone can sing and to be fair some artists in the industry right now can't sing, but like I said having money goes a long way in these things. However not everyone has money, but this doesn't mean that they haven’t got the talent or drive in order to learn. 

So what if we actually take the knowledge to them? Teach them, help them, educate them. Not every kid is made for school and is set on becoming a nurse, doctor or lawyer. So we reach out to the youth and give them the opportunity to learn how to use a computer, camera as well as teaching to  read and write so they can become the next director, scriptwriter, blogger, vlogger or presenter? 

I know it's a big idea coming from a teenager, but it could benefit so many and change the face of Africa as well as giving kids new found hope. I for one am tired of watching kids suffer at the hands of greed and selfishness.

 Aren't you?

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