Tuesday, 25 February 2014


One day a doctor said to me
Blessing, you won't be able walk, talk, eat or see
He might as well have said there'd be nothing left of me
Oh how wrong was he
I'm here talking to you
Your listening to me
I've defied all odds
There is nothing left stopping me
I'm not here to feed you a sob story
Just telling you the harsh reality
I've been bulled, I've cried believe me
But also believe me when I say there's nothing I haven't done

I've met royals
pulled a trigger
rifle shooting before you all shiver
So you can stand there and defy me
You can tell me my poetry is just a sob story
But at the end of the day you is you I is me
A wise man once told me
"Teachers are taught to teach, but not taught to teach us how to learn"

So you can be the doctor
Feed me your prejudice
Having had about five operations and counting
Scars so deep it's disgusting
I'm talking physical scars
Hamstrings, feet even my eye
I dare you to tell me all this a lie

But enough of the sad I'm here and now
Here to tell you to fight and be proud
Proud of who you are
Everything you've overcome
Might not be as deep as mine
maybe even deeper
Just remember your a winner

The apple never falls far from the tree
Take one apple
Slice it
Inside is you and me
Continue slicing and you get the seed
The seed in which we plant to create other apple tree

There was once this saying going round
on Facebook is where I saw it
You know that thing you spend hours clicking away at
But then turn round tomorrow and say it's shit yet you still click away on it
Anyway this quote
Can't remember it exactly
It went along the lines of
"Boys only pick the apples at the bottom of the tree
these bottom apples being 'hoes"
But don't take enough time to climb to the top of the tree and get the good apples"

So I ask you
Why you selling yourself so short
Remember that young man
"Teachers are taught to teach, but not taught to learn"
That teacher ain't always a teacher
That teacher is also social media

Programming you
Fixating you
Adapting you to it's formation
To think you have to be this skinny
Or in the case of men if you ain't got a beard
Well you probably ain't hit puberty

I'm telling you listen to me
It's just me and you
No one else in this room
Anything is possible
Listen I'm standing here when I man said I won't be
So listen to me
Try tell me I'm not pretty
I won't even flinch
Because that is them
This is us
And together their ain't no fullstop

I know this wouldn't have touched many
But if there's one
I hope one day when your feeling down
you remember this poem called Apples
You remember these words
And rise again
Oh Lord set me free
Because some times
The best apples are at the bottom of the tree

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