Sunday, 16 February 2014

Whatever you say I am is what i'm not

When you look at me what do you see?
No really, what do you see?
We spend so much time saying what is not
Instead of what really is

Arthur Seaton

Arthur Seaton
Such a great man he is
The anti hero
The one we should hate, but we learn to love

The British New Wave

So I ask...can you love me?
Love me for what I am
But love me also for what I am not
Many of you sit and ask
Who is she? What can she do?
Oh what little you know of me
What I have been through
On the face of things I am this thing
This thing that is just a fly on the wall

Beauty and the Beast

The beauty on my outside never really shines
Mostly because I'm not that pretty
Not your usual girly girl
Or tomboy
Just me


The government labels me
Labels me with such a tag called "Disability"
Not many of you want to approach me
The reason for that is you can't fulfill me
Don't know what to say
Don't know what to do

Let me gist you

Not saying I have a heart of Gold
Not even close
I might as well have a heart of coal
With the bad things that consume me


I have fought through a lot
Probably not enough
To know what I want
But maybe not what I need
Family, Friends
Timi, Deborah, Ireti, Lammy
Many more
But those especially
One being my rock
The other my princess
The ride or die
And well the last knows already what he is
Where would I be without these lot?

They remind me everyday
To be the woman I am today
A fighter,
To persevere
To not always live in the dark
But, remember there is light
To take risks
Sometimes some very big risks
To cry when there is a need to cry
Open up and ask sometimes why

But do you know the best advice they give me?

Everything is a lie

Yes you are disabled
Yes things might be harder
Yes you might wanna give up

But remember
Please remember
Please, Please, Please
Whatever they say you are is what you are not

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