Thursday, 13 February 2014

17 ways to lyrically make them feel special

So it's Valentine's day tomorrow and you want to tell your crush you like them or you just wanna make your partner feel special. You might be a shy one and don't really wanna spell out your feelings and want music to do for you. Well I'm here to help you on your way.....

1. D'prince - Gentleman ft Don jazzy &Davido 

So had to drop this for the guys..if you wanna big yourself up and the person your after likes a confident guy or just someone with a funny side then this might swing her, but this is very dependent on the person. 

2. Boj ft Dammy Krane - Wifey 

This is for guys who wanna be cheeky, but still know how to play calm. Only play this if you know that this if you know that the girl your after is the one you are serious about. I don't recommend playing this the side chick it might come back and bite you in the ass. 

3. 2face ft T-Pain - Rainbow 

Nobody's perfect and we all make if you wanna get that person back or you feel you made the wrong decision this might help. 

3. Wande Coal - Plan B 

Some of us like being sideman's or side chicks (I'm joking oo), but if you know the person your like is with the wrong person and they are better off with you then try this out, but don't force it just experiment and see...

4. D'banj - Bother you

D'banj is back and looking yummy, but back to the case at hand...if you wanna talk to that guy or girl, but don't really know how to approach them then maybe try some Kokomaster? 

5. Dr Sid - Chop Ogbono 

This is kinda a forefront song more if you wanna grab a girls attention or 'draw' her so to speak. I love the beginning though Can I have your number and even your bb follow me for twitter like my pic for insta. If someone sang just that bit to me I'd laugh or at least smile, but that's just me

6. Davido - Aye

This is more traditional song so if you after a bigger feel of Africa and you want to do very cultural dances around the living room this is the one yo!

7. Nedro ft Lamzy - Like to Know

I'm not Igbo, but I love this tune to death and I think it's referring to love somewhere but I think it's beautiful if it's a light setting candles and you just wanna chill.

8. Lola Rae ft Boj - Ginger 

Don't get me started on this tune! I have such a love for it and it means so much to me and it's upbeat and still loving at the same time! Love this tune (If you know, you know)

9. Wande Coal ft Burna Boy-Amowara 

This is not really a love song, but kinda is...but still share with your loved one 

10. Dr Sid -Princess Kate

This is more lovey from Sid and don't forget there's white chocolate too so remix it to suit you!

11. Tiwa Savage - Ife wa Gbono 

This is on my wedding list! So basically it's top notch 

12. P-Square - No one like you 
Had to pull up the old school tune....this is for the grow ups flourishing in their love No one like youuuuu 

13. Moelogo - The Baddest 

This is farrrr from love, but Valentine's ain't all about love and expressing feelings...sometimes just have fun and make that person feel good or in Moelogo terms make them feel "The Baddest"? Go on have Valentine with a twist 

14.Jesse Jagz ft Wizkid - Bad girl 

Had to throw this in!!! This is for ya'll that have been captivated by that person, but don't really know how to explain it?

15.Jesse Jagz - Sex & Scotch 

Them after hour thingsss there!!

16. Blackmagic - Repete

This is for them ones who want the gentle approach

Flavour - Ikwokrikwo 

Had to throw in the Mr lover lover of afrobeats like he is just yummmy to look at and his voice oh gwaaaddd *Big Sean voice* I've also thrown in the translation so you lot don't look silly when your singing something you don't understand!

Happy Val! 

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