Sunday, 16 March 2014

Blind Truth

Listen on a low volume
Have you ever loved something so much
So much it's a passion
You'd do anything to fulfill it
It feels like you've never worked a day in your life
Nothin compares to it
It's the thing that drives you
Makes you
And possibly the only thing that can break you

Yeah I felt like that once

You see this thing you guys call a blog
I call a home
A place where I can express
Put pen to paper
And know it's all gone

You see that phrase
Without you
There's no me?
Nah I don't live by that
This blog would still be alive without you
I write for me not you
Remember that

I have no followers on this thing
But many a reader
Some of you scroll
Some read
Others have bookmarked
Even if you came by accident
All of you are appreciated

You chose to do that
I didn't make you
I have no idea where I'm going with this
Maybe it's a hobby
Could turn into a full time job
I honestly don't know

This thing you guys call Writers Block
I'm going through that
My mind is frazzled
Plenty of ideas
Nothing sticks

Then I remember what brought me here
In the famous words of Mary J
No more pain
But that's just it
I suffer so much pain
With no form of execution

You've helped me manage my pain
Manage my tears
Build a strong woman
A successful woman
Who will drive and push
To what she wants
Change the face of the earth

Each post eases my struggle a little
My love for music
Contradictory to the poem
Demonstrates my way of search
I find things that emit a feeling
For me not you
You then click and listen
But what happens after ain't my problem


The thing I hated in school
But freely write on here

Meet me in person
I'm not much of a talker
Friends will tell you otherwise
More a Listener
Absorb all the info
Take in surroundings
Make my own conclusions
But never tell you

I write for me
Not you
Don't like it
Do one

Special thanks to Timi x 

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