Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Hello! I just realized I don't really introduce my poems I just slap them on here! Well this one I've been sitting on for a little while and I decided to have a little fun with my poetry this time round, while still highlighting some issues 

Listen to this while reading it sets the tone nicely. Enjoy! 

That thing that happens between two people
It begins with a hey babe you alright
Yeah, I'm good
Can can have your number
She giggles
Nah seriously can man have your number
She smiles
Yeah sure
Soon your textin back and forth
Just casual textin
Nothin serious
Not just yet
He calls you one day
Hey wanna link up?
Deep inside this girl is like
I dunno
She says yes anyway
My guy, Lets say Daniel for now
Is like yeah gonna secure that quick ting!
So they get dressed,
She let say, Sara is fixing her weave
Straightening it
Because basically see wanna look fly
Anyway skip the waffle
They link up
He is a true gentleman to her

Back to the crib
Thing heat up quickly
So stay with me
The door shuts
You know what happen next
Clothes are dispersed
She arches her back
Screams in pleasure
Legs wrapped round this guys waist claws digging in too
My man is singing hallelujah I got my fix
Gets dressed and things end real quick
The girl is off her sexual high
Daniel kicks her out with no reason why
Just quick, beat, dress and bounce

So who's got it wrong in the scenario?
What if I told that was her first time?
Make things any different?


Okay what is it with our generation
We spend so much time
Too much time
Blaming one other
when the real question is
What is sex?
Just that thing that happens with A and B
Your XX or XY chromosomes
Your Gender
Which is it because I'm at a loss
S + E + X = x
because even though when we add those letters together and get sex
What does sex even mean?


It says it's the intercourse between a man and a woman
But really?
Is that enough
I just don't know

Has it ever occurred to you
We the youth of Britain say
Oh I'm gonna beat that chick
Like what is that?
Beat is so
Your gonna hit something
Course an effect
In reality you are making an effect
Many effects
But is the act that violent as such
Just take a minute
Is it really a 'beat'
But then we're young

Sex is meant to be that special thing
which is now just turned into many things

How many ways do we use sex?
That meal was the sex
Leonardo Dicaprio is the sex
So really

What is sex?

Has it got to the point where we associate sex with food
I raise my hand
I'm a user of the term
But it slips off my tongue
Much how the kids of today are so quick to slip off their underwear?

Explain this

If a girl has sex with many men she's a hoe
But a man does the same with plenty girls
It's a bit like cool story bro
Or you praise him?
Hail him even
Like is that fair
A woman carries a baby for nine months
 Is that why it's so nasty if she opens her legs for more than a few
But you didn't mind slipping it in either
So nobody is the real winner

It's the battle of the sexes

The bible says
Sex is to happen in marriage
Not before
So what happens to that person
Who did as raised
The marriage came and went
And soon sex was the main event
I don't mean in pleasure
It is no longer fun
Just give me when I want
Tell me who's to blame then
Was she naive
I think not
Do we blame religion?
She waited and is now a machine for following a rule
Punches, slaps or worse follow
if she doesn't do
Tell me who is there to share her sorrow

To death do us part my foot
I would leave as quick as I could
It's easier said than done
But sometimes you have to run

So should we have so much faith in the thing we call religion
Or show we be wary
Some will say it will get better
God has a plan
Don't give me that crap
We're you there when she was getting slapped?
Keep quite then

Lets be fair
There's some good boys out there
Warn their friends
Omo this girl is ashewo
But some of you are just ignorant and don't wanna listen
That or your group has gassed you
Because reality is it takes two to play this game

Some wait forever to have a kid
So this beat learn to cherish it
It is not a right consider it more a gift
a gift that can be returned

So what is sex?

A chromosome
An  act
Your  Gender

It's a big misleader  
I tell ya

What is your definition of sex?

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