Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My 277

In film and TV I'm this inspiration
Environmentally I'm a waste of space 
Medically I cost a bit too much 
And education? She brings more money so why not accept her

My 277

I remember that day distinctly 
Torrential rain 
Whirling winds 
Umbrella turned inside out 
10,15 minute journey turns into 20, 30 minutes of mixed emotions

Frustration, tiredness, hunger 
I'm young 
That doesn't mean you'll take the piss 

My 277

I didn't ask to be like this 
I do ask that you my life easier though 
This isn't the first, second or third time 
 Each going past with a mere 
"Sorry love next comes in 3 minutes" 
Three minutes go by 

My 277 

Funny thing is 
Every four years it's vote me and not him 
I can change this and that 
Yet the problem still stands 

Don't tell me to complain 
Been there. Done that 
Wrote letters 
My voice still ain't heard


All inclusive 
Yet I still feel like some sorta outcast 
When is it gonna be that time 
The time where I can just get around 
With no questions 
Or irrelevant comments 

 Blondie wants to be MP 
Can't really be a Mayor yet you want jump to something else 
Steady steps there mate 
Complete one job before another 

My 277

Nobody's perfect 
But stop tryna fool me sayin 
The government are trying 
When they can keep up with technology 
But simple keeping ramps down and getting off the bus 
Is still a problem 

My 277

To some I might be complaisant 
Don't blame you 
You don't live with this day in day out 
But to others this is for you 

Open your eyes 
Don't stare 
Shut your mouth 
Don't whisper 
Learn to look around you 
This is my 277

Hopefully you'll listen 

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