Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Poetry Freestyle

This is a bit of poetry freestyle. By this what I mean is that I take a random song, listen to it and while I listen I just spill on the page. The song picked today is Pump it by Black Eyed Peas. I gave my Spotify playlist a bit of shuffle and this came up so..Yeah Let's go! 

let's be honest here, I'm nervous 
not exactly free 
in a matter of days all is me 
I dunno what to make of it 
just a bunch of letters 
Yet they ave that much power 
your heart races 
just because of a white sheet 
people either screaming 
others hiding 
food doesn't seem that important 
everything is constricted 
the walls are closing 
you open the brown envelope 
everything builds up 
you draw the sheet... 

Your mind is frazzled nothing really makes sense 
mostly because you haven't really given much time to think 

That's results day for ya!

Okay that was an experience! Much harder than I imagined it to be probably because I tried to not stop typing and mostly feel not think! 

Wanna give it a go? 

Here's the rules:

  1. Pick a song at random 
  2. State the song in the intro 
  3. You can't pre-plan the poem! Has to be written in the moment! 
  4. You have the same time to write the poem as the song lasts 
  5. As soon as the song stops, you stop! 
  6. Don't stop writing/Typing 
  7. Have fun!
Email all poems to blessxo8@gmail.com 
If you have links tweet me @blessing_xxx with #ATAPoetryFreestyle 
Poems can be in the form of videos or any form you wish! Just stick to the rules 

The best poems will be put up! 

Peace and Love! 

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