Friday, 24 January 2014


Hewooooooooo again! 

So I seem to talk about this guy a lot, but a few weeks ago Phenom released an EP Titled B.R.A (Best Rapper Alive) and the new music feeling hasn't really worn off yet! The EP has a mixture of floor fillers as well as others which are inspirational and have gotten me through my rough days!

I've given you an insight into the EP in previous posts, posting Nobody Tighter and The Way ft Wizkid, so I'll just give you a little bit of an extra push to make sure you download am (it).

Ashewo - Phenom ft Reminisce

Google the meaning if your not sure, but yeah the beat basically had me hooked and bussin moves as well as my guy Reminisce (Ibile) just fitting the track to perfection! I can't really explain how the song makes me feel I'll leave that for you to decide, but you'll understand what I mean surely!

Foje le - Phyno ft Phenom

I have developed a slight obsession with Phyno in recent weeks and it probably stemmed from this song! Like it does make you wanna do a bounce! So just rock with it! Unfortunately I'm not sure what exactly Foje le means, but if anyone knows please let me know (Learn something new everyday!)

Phenom - Hold me down 

So remember I said the EP also had inspirational tracks on it? This is one of them! Bad man people wan hold me down, Bad belle people wan see me frown, But who jah don bless no man test cause bless nobody fit to hold me down....Jehovah badder than dem! 

Okay I've given you a preview oya download:

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